Laurel Aventure Nature



Dogsledding, snowshoeing, snowmobiling and a package with accommodation in a Tipi chalet, Laurel Aventure Nature offers you a unique contact with nature, imbued with warmth and friendliness.


All our activities are guided by qualified and trained staff to ensure a rewarding and safe experience. Our guides are professional graduates as ADVENTURE TOURISM GUIDE offered by St-Laurent CEGEP in Montreal.

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In addition, Laurel Aventure Nature is a member of Adventure Ecotourism Quebec, an association that ensures the quality and safety of services provided by member companies accrediting according to strict criteria.

These evaluation criteria also concern the welfare of animals. We strive to provide our sled dogs with a safe and happy environment.


Also, we adopt many dogs each year to save lives and avoid unnecessary breeding. Do the same by encouraging the SPCA in your area. Let's all work together to promote responsible adoption of animals.

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The owners


Yannick Bédard and Marie-Hélène Durocher are the proud owners of the Laurel Aventure Nature excursion center. Yannick is a professional guide for many years and Marie-Hélène, an animal lover.


They both have an absolute respect for the animals and nature that surround them, which becomes the perfect formula to offer a unique and magical experience to all who enjoy the activities at the excursion center.


Laurel Aventure Nature is a center that has been built in the heart of nature specifically to offer a memorable experience, in an enchanting setting, to all those who attend. We are located in the Laurentians, just 60 minutes drive north of Montreal (near St-Sauveur), and 60 minutes south of Mont-Tremblant.


The mission of Laurel Aventure Nature is to offer very authentic adventures, intimate and personalized.


Adventure Ecotourism Quebec ensures the quality and safety of services offered by member companies by accrediting them according to rigorous criteria.


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Yannick and the sled dogs of Laurel Aventure Nature
Owners of Laurel Aventure Nature
Marie-Hélène and one of the sled dogs of Laurel Aventure Nature