Dog sled Ride

1/2 day on a dog sled


The activity runs from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm or from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm.


Rates for dog sled packages

Packages $/person $/2 people
1/2 day dog sled for adults  199$  -
1/2 day dog sled for children (5-9 years)  122$  -


Dog sled + Snowmobile 389$   618$ **
Night in Tipi Chalet + Dog sled + Snowmobile    748$ **

If you choose a package that includes two activities, each activity will last 1/2 day.   You will therefore be with us for a full day.  

Do not forget to bring a lunch, as there is no food service on-site.

Notes :

The prices do not include the taxes

**price for 2 people: 1 sled each + 1 snowmobile for 2.

The guide's tips are not included and are entirely at your discretion.

The dog sleds only have room for one person; the musher. If you prefer not to drive, you can ask if we can sit you on the guides sleds.   must be mention on your booking form.

**Drivers must be physically fit to support a 90-minute sport.

An adventure to discover


At Laurel Aventure Nature, guests are given the opportunity to learn how to pilot a dog sled… just like a real “musher”!


You’ll receive a one hour training session covering all the basic principals of dog sledding.


You will then experience an exhilarating adventure in the heart of wilderness by being the soul master of your own dog sled during a ninety minute excursion.


Our professional guides will be there with you at all time, on their own sled, to supervise and ensure the safety of both riders and dogs. You’ll journey past lakes and mountains, and you’ll enjoy a tea break in company of your guide and dogs.


Dog sledding packages include :

  • 1 guide to your full responsibility;
  • 1 hour of theoretical and practical training to learn the basics of driving a dog sled before departure;
  • 1 hour and a half dog sledding on our trails;
  • Hot drinks available at all times;
  • Access to a warm wooden chalet, before and after your dogsled ride;
  • Preparing the dog teams with the harnesses, helped by your guide;
  • The preparation of the dogs and the time allotted with them on the return of the dog sled hike.


What to bring to your dogsled ride?

  • Winter suit (ski suit, mitten, hat, winter boot) *;
  • Cream and sunglasses at your discretion;
  • An extra pair of socks;
  • Bottle of water;
  • Camera;
  • Lunch to bring if you do 2 activities the same day. A nice cottage is available for lunch time.





→ We offer a sports activity aimed at drivers. Seats as passengers are always available on sled guides for children and those whose physical form does not allow driving.


→ Drivers must be physically fit to support a 90-minute sport with cardio. Level of technical difficulty: ACCESSIBLE TO ALL,  if fit to do sports.  All guest weighting over 210lbs (96k) are asked to mention it before booking.


→ Kids 10 and older are welcome to participate in our dog sledding activity and drive their own dog sled.  A minimum weight is requested and will be discussed during reservation process.


→ Children between 5 and 10 can ride in a sled as a passenger with the guides for everyone safety.


→ Pregnant women must mention this when booking.


→ It is strictly forbidden to consume alcohol or drugs before and during our activities. Thank you for your understanding.